Before going out:
Be well hydrated and have eaten

Wear clothes not exposing yourself to excessive heat when dancing and to the cold when staying outside, particularly at night

Carry your ID card and your health service card

Have money on you to eventually call a taxi

Have credit in your phone

Carry condoms on you

If you go to an unknown place, try to remember your way back home

Tell someone before going at what time you plan to return back
When you are out
It’s not strictly necessary for you to take some substance to have a great evening. The safest option is to take nothing

If you feel that things aren’t going in the right way, leave

Stay together with people you know and take care of each other

If the situation can become violent, go away

Check entrance and exit near your place, to check if there are queues and if you can leave easily

Be careful to what you drink; never drink from someone glass and keep your glass with you. It’s easy to dissolve substances in an alcoholic beverage without you notice it. If you fear, you or your friends drank an unwanted beverage remain on alert

Remember to drink water and to keep hydrated

Remember that solve amphetamine-like substances in alcoholic beverages it is very dangerous because alcohol can mask the stimulant effect of amphetamine-like substances and you can feel not so drunk as you are

Take a break from physical activities, such as dancing, and cool off

If someone is sick ask immediately for help. Every new second can be very important.
Coming Home
Do not accept a ride by someone drunk or under drug action

Do not accept a ride by people you do not know, even if you have just made their acquaintance and maybe had sex together

Do not drive your car if you have drunk or taken substances. Take a bus or a taxi. Call someone to pick you up

Tell someone at what time you think to return home because your phone may turn off to call for help