Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances use, both occasional and habitual, involving risks either for the worker or for third parties, are incompatible with the work tasks listed in the table “Tasks involving special risks for security, safety and health of third parties ” State/Regions Agreement 30.10.2007 (G. U. No 266 15.11.2007) and State/Regions Agreement 18.09.2008 (G.U. No. 236 08.10.2008).

For the law intake of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances is incompatible with job tasks involving risks either for the user or for the third persons who come into relation with the user for working reasons. (“Tasks involving particular risks to the safety, security and health of third parties”).

In particular are included:
1 Activities requesting any qualification certificate for the performance of hazardous works
2 Tasks related to transportation activities
3 Operational duties connected with production, packing, holding, transportation and selling of explosives

The employer, prior to assign any of the above tasks, must request a visit by an occupational physician certifying the absence of drug addiction or intake of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

Investigations include a medical visit and a urine test by a public or an officially accredited laboratory probing the absence of:
-Opioids (heroin, morphine, codeine, etc.)
-Cannabinoids (marijuana, etc.)
-Amphetamines and derivatives

The visit must be repeated with at least yearly.

If Urine test is positive for one of the substances in the list (or their metabolites), the workers are deemed temporarily unfit and suspended from their duty of risk activity and are sent by the occupational physician to the Drug Dependencies Service having local jurisdiction either for workplace or the worker’s home address.

The worker will be resubmitted to urine test after an appropriate period deemed by the Drug Dependencies Service. Monitoring is not only aimed to the worker’s health but also on the possible harms for third parties. The occupational physician’s health monitoring at the workplace, over cases and under conditions defined by the law, has the scope of verifying intake of narcotic and psychotropic substances.

Health monitoring is mandatory for all tasks listed in the abovementioned annex and it must be exerted prior to hire the worker and periodically during the task.

Narcotic and psychotropic substances included in the abovementioned Agreement are drugs classified in tables I and II, periodically updated by the Ministry of Health (

It is important to emphasize that even sporadic use of these substances is incompatible with carrying out the abovementioned tasks. Not negligible is the evaluation of prescription drugs, such as e.g. benzodiazepines, methadone and buprenorphine.