Chems made you feel more self-confident, more aroused and active for hours. Sex, especially with unknown partners, usually scared you and you felt blocked. Chems helped you to ease it. Sober sex doesn’t satisfy you and your partners use chems.

A satisfying sex life without chems is your new challenge. It is complicated but it will result in a rewarding growth of your personality and your life quality.

Try to change your sexual habits and ask for help to specialists.

If you are used to chemsex you will strive to enjoy sober sex again. It’s only a matter of time, but then your natural balance will prevail again.

Do physical activity, your body needs to fit and muscular work releases substances providing wellbeing. In addition, being fit will increase your self-acceptance and appeal.

Intensify your social life opportunities and grow interests. Enjoy and appreciate neglected aspects of your life.

Take a pause from sex. Sex and arousing chemsex fantasies run parallel each other. Drive back to your own fantasies and desires, drop off images on a screen. If you cannot get erection and arousal, remember that it’s not mandatory to be continuously excited.

Probably to face sober sex is more a fear than a matter of fact. Be in touch with some sex partners out of chemsex contacts. It could be safe to have sex with someone freshly known. Meeting new people talk about aspects that are not related to sex life. You can create more fulfilling and long-lasting relationships.

If a friend stopped with chemsex, talk with him about your anxiety and fear to face sober sex. As a peer, he can share with you his solution and help you.

Remember the best sex you’ve done sober. If it happened in the same places where you did chemsex, try to go there when it is not crowded and accompanied by someone who never uses chems.