It can happen you forgot your medication and missed them.

Antidepressants should be taken regularly and should not be interrupted. Any interruption can make you feel very bad and can worsen the down due to the chems session. Never take behind schedule medications you have skipped. Past no longer counts, continue instead with doses and timing as scheduled. Same if you are on anxiolytics: never take twice your medicine, follow as scheduled.

Beware that taking antidepressants must exclude the use of stimulants (cocaine, amphetamines, ecstasy, etc.) because of the risk of serotoninergic syndrome.

Antiretroviral therapy should not be interrupted to avoid increase in viremia and development of new drug resistance. Take your tablets at scheduled time. Do not vary the number of tablets to replace what you missed. It’s useless.

If you vomited immediately after taking the medication, take it again. If you have vomited more than one hour after the medication intake, wait for the following intake as it was normally scheduled.

If you go out for the weekend, take with you your prescribed medications, wrapped in a plastic film, in your pocket, easily available for your planned therapy.