If you took chems, the next day you can:

Feel tired or exhausted

Suffer a tremendous headache

Are unable to concentrate

Have stomach and abdominal pain

Have sores in mouth, on genitals, on anus and internally in the rectum

Be anxious or depressed

All these effects could worsen if you mixed different substances, and you ate and slept insufficiently.

If you have been submitted to traumatic experiences, ask for psychological help.

What to do next day

A weekend on chems will haul negative conditions, interfering with plans for the day after. Avoid new occasions of stress, such as to organize a return flight when you are probably not well performant.

Don’t spend all day in bed. Do something, go out, be active and see some friends.

Limit the chems session length, and, extremely important, plan when to do chemsex next time. Put several days between sessions, to let your brain recover and to reduce the risk of dependence.

Return to normal rhythm of sleep and eat, at regular hours. You don’t feel hungry, nevertheless try to eat something, a banana is better than nothing. Drink water regularly.

Check out all the sores you’ve found on your body. Disinfect ulcers in the mouth and take care of your personal hygiene.