Dehydration is the result of not drinking enough water or sweating excessively. It is important to drink an adequate quantity of water or non-alcoholic beverages. Water helps to prevent dehydration, to regulate body temperature and to facilitate kidney function.

Drink 250 ml water per hour if you stand still, 500 ml per hour are recommended after intense physical efforts (as dancing or sex).

If you feel more and more thirsty, your mouth is dry, your urine is scarce, you feel dizzy, you are confused, weak and you feel faint, you have the symptoms of dehydration. You have to:

Drink water slowly and rest in a quiet place;

Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine-containing beverages (like coffee or energizing drinks) because they worsen dehydration;

Stop dancing or do any physical activity, even sex;

In particular avoid isotonic drinks used in gym, they will increase blood pressure.