The psycho-pathological consequences deriving from chems and other drugs abuse are often treated by self-medication.

Olanzapine is the drug most frequently reported – among those found online or on the illegal market – to be used in self-medication against psychogenic effects (paranoia, panic attacks, psychotic delusions, bad trips) after chems use.

Olanzapine is an “atypical” or second generation antipsychotic drug. Olanzapine is indicated for the treatment of schizophrenia, mania episodes in patients with bipolar disorder and psychomotor agitation. Dosage reported in self-medication is 5/50 mg per day.

Before taking olanzapine in order of reduce the risk of psychotic reactions after chems use, you need to talk to a doctor. Never take by yourself a medication that must be administered cautiously and under the psychiatrist control. Beware of side effects you could face.

Olanzapine action is higher if taken with alcohol and benzodiazepines and it increases their sedative effect and their harms.