If you are organizing a chem party at home, take precautions:

Inform your neighbors that you have a party to prevent them from calling the police for the unusual movement of people, don’t play noisy music at nighttime;

Make sure that only who you have invited is coming. Ask your friends to avoid uncontrolled word of mouth. Don’t let in people you don’t know, or you don’t want at home. If something turns out of control, call the police. Better a police control than a dangerous situation;

Provide non-alcoholic beverages and food for your guests;

Provide disposable glasses and crockery to avoid accidents with broken glass;

Secure personal values and documents;

Do not leave keys hanging at internal doors, especially bathroom’s, to prevent that someone remains locked inside;

Check that there are no minors among the guests, any sexual act can be sued as rape. It is prohibited to serve alcohol to minors, provide them with chems can result in serious legal consequences;

If you are in your home, keep yourself sober because you are responsible for what happens in your place. When you will use chems, you will delegate a person of your absolute trust who takes the task of controlling the party;

Check condition of those who are sick and be ready to call an ambulance;

While waiting for the rescue, put the sick person on the lateral recovery position, to prevent the risk of suffocating in the vomit;

If someone stops breathing, keep free their nose and mouth, apply artificial respiration and cardiac massage waiting for the arrival of an ambulance.