Methamphetamine, known as Crystal, Crystalmeth, Tina, CristinaIce, Crank Yaba, Shaboo Speed (in combination with caffeine)

Classified under table 1 by Italian Misuse of Drugs Act (DPR 309/90)

A derivative of amphetamine, it is a powerful stimulant. Compared to amphetamine it has a more potent and prolonged action.

A powder, or less usually white or transparent crystals, with a bitter taste; water soluble.

It is usually smoked with a pipette. It can be sniffed or, more rarely, injected into veins.

The powder is inserted anally or in the urethra to be absorbed through the mucosae. The presence of methamphetamine crystals inserted into the rectum can cause condom’s break during penetration.

Methamphetamine is smoked and a 50 milligrams pipette is an effective dose. When it is dissolved and drunk, they use 150 mg. The injectable dose is 100 mg.

Methamphetamine overdose provokes strong heart stimulation and high body temperature.
Excitement, wellbeing. Stimulation of attention. Energy and self-confidence increase. Euphoria and sociability. Increased sexual desire, decreased sense of tiredness, loss of sexual inhibitions. Methamphetamine can delay ejaculation and allow longer sexual acts.
Methamphetamine is used for long sex sessions, making you feel very excited. After taking Crystal, you can face risks you’d never run into because of loss of inhibition and control.

Ejaculation and erection often result difficult.

During a session with methamphetamine keep ready more condoms and lubricant because of long sex session length.

Sex with regular methamphetamine consumers has been described cold and aggressive.
After taking methamphetamine you may experience:

Anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, delusions of megalomania, paranoia, psychosis, hallucinations (as feeling insects moving on the body).

Depression and aggressive, violent behaviors.

Increased heart rate, chest pain, difficult breathing.

Abdominal pain, vomiting.

Tremor, strong sweating, dilated pupils, convulsions.

Very high body temperature.

Acute methamphetamine intoxication comes in a rank of abuse drugs casualties only after heroin.

Snoring methamphetamine damages the nasal mucosae and its ingestion hurts the stomach.


Habitual users undergo a state of permanent agitation, insomnia, with episodes of paranoia that can lead to real psychotic delusions. Alterations of the menstrual cycle, appearance of sores, loss of appetite and weight. Mouth damages described as “Meth mouth” – due to marked damage to teeth and mouth, with spontaneous fractures and fall of teeth – appears in particular when the substance is injected.


Severe consequences due to hypertension and cardiovascular disease, high incidence of myocardial infarction.

Tremor, frequent headache, convulsions. Marked increase in risk of developing Parkinson in the middle and advanced age, because of damage to dopaminergic system.

Smoking methamphetamine causes respiratory and pulmonary problems.

Because of unsafe sex, greater incidence of contracting sexually transmitted infections.

The risk of addiction to methamphetamine is very high and appears rapidly. Addiction provokes difficulties in everyday life activities, communication and time management, including memory troubles.

Withdrawal syndrome is very strong. In habitual consumers, it appears 24 hours after the last intake and presents psychological, psychiatric and physical symptoms.

In the acute phase you have serious discomfort, irritability, melancholy, anxiety, sleep disorders and severe fatigue, very intense craving, paranoia, suicidal fantasies, inability to remain unmoving.

In the next phase, which can last up to 12 months: disorders of pleasure and relationship with others, very intense craving, excitement and anxiety, malaise, mood and sleep disorders
WITH COCAINE: increased heart rate and blood pressure.

WITH ALCOHOL: masking the effects of alcohol and feeling that you are not drunk, which can lead to serious accidents.

With other amphetamines, mephedrone and cocaine: increased risk of severe intoxication.

WITH GHB/GBL: masking toxicity signs of GHB/GBL with increased risk of overdose.

WITH HEROIN AND OPIATES: risk of respiratory arrest and overdose.

WITH CANNABIS AND OTHER AMFETAMINE: increased psychogenetic symptoms for whom who has tendency to psychosis.

WITH EDA (agents of erectile dysfunction) sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil (generally called Viagra): increased cardiac risk.

WITH ANTIDEPRESSANT: severe risk of increased blood pressure and serotoninergic syndrome.

All drugs slowing methamphetamine elimination increase its toxicity: amiodarone, citalopram, codeine, fluoxetine, haloperidol, methadone, paroxetine, valproic acid.

Cobicistat, a drug used in some antiretroviral therapies, slows down methamphetamine elimination and increases its duration of action and toxicity.

In antiretroviral therapy, methamphetamine can interfere with protease inhibitors, slowing down elimination.

Addicted amphetamines consumers tend to discontinue antiretroviral therapy.