GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid) and GBL (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid lactone), taken separately or in mixture, known as G, Gina, Scoop, Cherry, Liquid Ecstasy.

Classified under table 4 by Italian Misuse of Drugs Act (DPR 309/90)

G is a t central nervous system depressant. It was used as an anesthetic.

It is a liquid, sold in bottles or in vials. GHB sodium salt is a crystalline powder, and it is rarely used. Because of the unpleasant and salty taste, it is dissolved in a drink before assumption. Never solve it into an alcoholic beverage. Carefully measure the volume you take, better with a syringe. You should never measure it by eye or by a spoon. To suppose that a first dose has not been effective, and to take a second one before the effect onset gives a high risk of overdose.

Dose: 2 to 5 ml for GHB and 1-2 ml for GBL.

Effect onset: 10-20 minutes after assumption.

Effect duration: from 1 and a half to 3 hours.

Usually taken several times during the same chemsex session.
They are closely related to the dose and to your condition when you drink it.

G produces euphoria, relaxation, increased sociability and desire to speak, sexual and social disinhibition, increased desire, sexual arousal. Sexual pleasure and orgasm are much more intense.

G slows down unpleasant effects due to stimulants (coca, amphetamines, mephedrone and amphetamine-like substances). Never take G to counteract those effects when you feel too high.
G is used to increase sexual excitement and desire. Being a relaxant, it facilitates anal penetration and fisting.

Both protracted sex duration and sexual disinhibition can lead to a reduced attention to safe sex precautions with increased risk of STIs (sexually transmitted infections as Hiv, syphilis, hepatitis C).

Below its effect you can lose the control of your actions, like not opposing to risky practices and avoiding accidents, as rectal injuries during penetration and fisting.

It is possible that you do not remember what happened to you or if you suffered violence during unconsciousness due to G.
Mild or moderately severe effects: nausea, abundant salivation, vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness, severe headache, lack of movement coordination with risk of hurting themselves and procuring accidents, confusion, amnesia, urine leakage, tremor, tiredness, agitation, euphoria, and body temperature lowering.

Severe effects: coma, convulsions, slow heart rate, low blood pressure, slow breath until respiratory arrest, metabolic acidosis, psychotic crisis.

Regular and prolonged G use leads to physical addiction and tolerance (need to take bigger doses more frequently). Addiction and tolerance are caused by G use every day and many times per day (up to 18 g per GHB and 10 g for GBL per day). Addiction produces unwanted effects, leading to introversion, lack of motivation, and deterioration of social and working life.
Withdrawal appears similar to that due to opioid, benzodiazepines and alcohol. Warning: half of severe withdrawal cases requesting hospitalization show delusion, treated by sedation and intensive care.

If you are addicted, remember that the withdrawal syndrome can be very dangerous. Never try to stop G use suddenly and by yourself, without the help of your doctor.
To drink alcohol and GHB/GBL worsens toxic effects: blood pressure drops to collapse, breath shortens, agitation, aggressive behavior and vomiting. Using stimulants (like cocaine) with G can lead into a coma, which duration and depth can be more severe due to the sum of toxic effects. The time to get out of coma is longer.

When your antiretroviral therapy includes cobicistat or ritonavir you eliminate GHB/GBL more slowly. You’re going to face more serious toxic effects. People living with Hiv having had epilepsy or brain opportunistic infections are prone to a greater seizures risk.

When you take G and drugs that improve erection – EDA (erectile dysfunction agents) like sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil (all often called Viagra) – you observe a longer duration of sex acts, that is even more prolonged if you are in therapy with cobicistat and ritonavir. It is a bad fact: all toxic effects, especially for heart and circulation, are increased.

GHB/GBL frequently produce nausea, vomiting and irritate stomach and bowel causing lower absorption of anti-retroviral therapy.

Lower adherence: because of GHB/GBL frequent use you can forget the regular therapy intake.
G is a dangerous substance.

If you think you will drink some G, you have to be very careful about the dose you assume to prevent big harms.

Especially, you and your friends using G must take care of: