Since 1985, ASA Associazione Solidarietà Aids – officially accredited as a Regione Lombardia volunteering organization and based in Milan (Italy) – acts in support of people living with Hiv, supplying help, information and sustaining prevention.

First association in Italy to organize self-help groups, remote and in person counseling, volunteer’s formation, information campaigns in schools and places at high risk of Hiv transmission, like entertainment venues, clubs and in San Vittore, a prison in Milan.

Since 2016, ASA focuses its attention on chemsex, developing solidarity actions with chems users. ASA offers information about risk reduction measures and prevention to people using chems and to the community, as well as individual and group therapy to people complaining of problematic chemsex addition.

what’s new about us

ASA offers a psychotherapeutic group in support of people addicted to chemsex. The group gathers once a week, at evening time and – due to Covid-19 restrictions -only virtually, below the coordination of a psychotherapist skilled in chemsex related problems and an ASA volunteer. The group’s language is Italian. The aim of the group is helping people living with chemsex dependence. To take part, a preliminary interview is requested. When you are interested please call +39 02 5810 7084, at office hours, or write to coordinamento@asamilano.org to get preliminary information. The project is supported by ViiV Healthcare

1 giugno 2021

Inauguration of the new website!